Meet Dan Arnett, Candidate for Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District

Daniel Allen (Dan) Arnett was born in Okmulgee County on July 10, 1984, the middle son of James and Bettina Arnett, and spent his formative years growing up in Henryetta where he learned the value of hard work from his studies in the Henryetta School System as well as in the Church of Christ, of which he is a member.

After graduation from Henryetta High School, Dan worked to make ends meet and, like the rest of his brothers, paid his own way through college arriving at Oklahoma Christian University in 2003. While at Oklahoma Christian, Dan spent a semester studying history, art, and philosophy in Vienna, Austria. During this trip, he spent a lot of time conversing with the locals of whichever country he was in, seeking their true opinion of America and seeing firsthand how our liberty and freedom sets us apart.

He also served as Treasurer of the Student Government.

After earning a Bachelor’s in History and Political Science, Dan was accepted to Drexel University in Philadelphia where he is in his final year of studies. Balancing between his off-time here at home and spending his semesters in the same city where the founders built this great nation has been a very unique experience; an experience that has filled Dan with a passion to make sure the people he grew up around, the citizens of the Great State of Oklahoma, can maintain their rights and their liberties.

Dan has gained a wide range of experience in the area of criminal law, seeing it from both sides while working with the Public Defender’s Association in Philadelphia and with the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office. Dan does not see the role of the defense counsel as to “get someone off the hook necessarily” but to see that the rule of law is upheld.

Dan is ready to work harder than ever before to fight for the people he is ready to represent. With your blessing, Dan Arnett will go to Washington and be the outsider that is needed to help bring about “real” change.

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